Rush Hour

How does the time of day affect accidents? Not surprisingly, accidents follow other traffic patterns. In the morning peak (6 – 9 AM) concentrations are farther out (as everyone is coming into the center of the city), whereas in the evening peak (4 – 9 PM) accidents are more centered near the CBD.

Try turning on layers (one for morning, one for evening) one at a time so you can see the difference.

AM rush
AM Rush (6-9 AM): Accidents are clustered on the main roads leading into the city.
PM rush
PM Rush (4-9 PM): Accidents are focused in the center of the city.

When do most accidents occur?


accidents by hour

The above graph shows the total accidents (N=1,900) by the time they were first reported. Two clear peaks are evident during peak commuting (and traffic) hours.

The following graph shows that on average more accidents occur on Fridays and Saturdays.

accidents by day