@AccidentsKE was a pilot research project and collaboration between Elizabeth Resor and Ma3Route. The pilot ran for 6 months, May to October 2015, during which time Ma3Route users were encouraged to report any accidents they witnessed on the Ma3Route platform.


Ma3Route is a Kenyan company that seeks to improve the mobility experience of people in Africa’s emerging cities. Currently, it serves over 500,000 daily users with a multi-device communication platform (app, web, SMS, Twitter, Facebook) that crowdsources traffic and other transit-related information and relays it back in the form of a newsfeed.

Ma3Route is Kenya’s leading transportation communication platform. It has a highly active community of users who collectively are a trusted source for Nairobi’s most up-to-the-moment traffic and transit information.

screen shot 2
An image of the Ma3Route application (iOS).

Analysis & Results

Over six months, 7,817 accident reports were made on the Ma3Route platform. These reports described 3,941 unique accidents with 30% of accidents reported more than once. Of these unique accidents, 1,900 were internally validated* and of these, 1,324 were geo-coded using a reverse geo-coding process based on local landmarks.

*An accident is considered validated if there is more than one report about the accident, or if there is a photo with the report.

For more detail about the project, check out the presentation I made to present it and the data at Nairobi Tech Week.

To read the media coverage go here.

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